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I'm a San Francisco based designer with over a decade of experience

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Directly - 2019

I played a significant role in designing and implementing a major rebrand. This included designing a brand new website and establishing new brand standards. I worked with C-Suite stakeholders and successfully communicated design ideas using tools like user journeys, process flows, and wireframes. I also led brand initiatives, managed external creative teams, and simplified complex tech concepts into clear visual messages.

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Vendr - 2021

I led strategic workshops with the executive team playing a pivotal role in defining the company's brand identity. My design contributions at Vendr not only refreshed their visual identity but also established a comprehensive and functional design system that catered to the diverse needs of the product and Vendr's ICPs. I created libraries, templates, and design components to maintain consistency across all sales and go-to-market teams. I translated conceptual ideas into valuable designs for campaigns, landing pages, and presentations, including board and investor decks, and much more!

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Webflow - 2023

At Webflow, I showcased expert proficiency in designing high-impact landing pages, bolstering its reputation as a premier visual development platform. Collaborating closely with the marketing team, I merged brand guidelines with innovative design strategies to enhance the company's identity, all while prioritizing user-centric design and accessibility across diverse browsers and screens. My approach, deeply rooted in data-driven insights and iterative feedback, was complemented by adeptness in tools like Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite, ensuring timely delivery of projects and a proactive solution-seeking ethos.

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Freelance - 10+ years

I've been incredibly fortunate to work with some truly amazing startups, ranging from tech-driven disruptors to socially conscious enterprises. These experiences have not only ignited my passion for helping individuals and businesses thrive but also deepened my appreciation for the power of exceptional design. By harnessing my expertise in design thinking and user-centered approaches, I am able to provide tailor-made solutions that not only accelerate growth and success but also foster a delightful user experience. It's truly an incredible and fulfilling journey to witness the transformation and tangible impact that effective design can bring to businesses and their customers, creating lasting connections and driving meaningful outcomes.

The benefits of working with me

I'm Webflow Certified

This means that I've passed Webflow's Certification program! I know how to build your site the way that it's meant to be.

I provide investor-ready designs

A visually appealing and well-designed website and brand create a positive impression, reinforcing your value over a competitors and increasing the chances of securing investors.

I'm fast, like Flash fast

Ever needed a website in less than a week? How about in 72 hours? Either way, I got you. Startups are constantly evolving. I understand the importance of moving fast because you need to too.

I have fair pricing, always

My pricing is transparent. I charge per hour or per project, depending on your needs.

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Brian Joe

Co-Founder & CPO @ Impart Security

"Teresa is truly an honor to work with and Vendr is SO lucky to have her.

Let me tell you – it is really hard to run a rebrand. At any company. You have to get time on execs calendars when they're really busy and get everyone to focus for long enough on these exercises that feel silly in the moment but are the groundwork to the end result of a fantastic, on-brand new brand. And she has done it all with style and grace to push forward and end up with the awesome new brand we have now. She then built an entire website in like...less than a week."

Gabrielle Dalvet

Director of Marketing @ Vendr

"Teresa has made a major impact since working with Directly.

She's helped define and deliver our public brand, designed multiple versions of our website, managed our external contractors, designed all of our marketing assets (both internal and external), and even stretched this year to assist us in the world of product design.

Joey Greenwald

Director of Marketing @ Directly